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Sermon of Apathy

by Desolator

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Portal Tomb 06:38
On this day of Yog-Sothoth I invoke the lord of gates Ruler of portals, opener of the way Keeper of thresholds, the key and the gate Grant me passage, lurking fear beyond Walk with me into the chaos of endless space continuum Portal tomb All-in-one and one-in-all, receive this sacrifice Blood is the conductor to the formless and divine Now I walk into the void, my humanity is abandoned Open the gates of time and space by the head and tail of the dragon Primordial eldritch horror, amorphous spawn of chaos Gatekeeper of the cosmos, widdershins of time Cloaked behind dimensional veil, Yog-Sothoth awaits Transcend into the firmament and pass beyond the gates Immaru xul barra Iddimu gi na zu Salmu zu lugal Igi maskim hul Utuk xul lalassu Uggae uruku Dingir lugal kanpa Ia nar mattaru
I burn brighter than those who stand before me I am the essence of the sun My names are many, I am legion I can only be sought within I uplift the strong, I am fire I care nothing for the weak Adversarial doctrine Neither crescent nor cross holds power over me I am utter darkness awakened Those who deny me open their flesh to me I am a god and there's no other god beside me I am the light of infernal trinity I am a temple of the adversary Do not infect this moment with weakness For it will be crowned your ruler I awaken those who embrace me I am a son of the black flame I am blackened lightning in the face of weakness I am the stormbringer before the throne of desperation I am divinity blighted, true death archon I am the first among equals, therionick lightbringer
Creatures of habit befoul the earth, in a mission to replicate The safety of the blindfold, the footsteps of the mindless herd An obsolete machinery, persistent clockwork A call for devotion absent reward In organized chaos, manipulation is key The ear of the herd, an implement of power Hail the senselessness, hail the empty throne Condone the sceptic and the deviant Glorify, celebrate Validate the madness For which you bleed your lifesblood away Wake from your sleep, first-world enslavement Held at costly ransom by the poison of ideals The downward fall seems dramatic From a height constructed The constant threat of culling the herd Keeping the farce in character
The poison of ideals break through the ether Charging forth, the most tragic examples of man Dividing lines drawn in sand Idle mind empowered Tower mindless in the food chain Indulge, consume The mirror's truth, one to truly fear The crippling weight of profound thought Blind to tragedies of the world Affiliation, status is all This sermon of apathy The limelight's blatant fiction Vanity's crown, glowing sharp in the eyes of man A set of pretentions to soothe the lesser mind How can we not feel shame over what we've become? How can we not feel complicit in the world's wrongs? Methods of self-deception
Spewing forth the dogma, the chosen poison Putrefy the airwaves, infect the sober mind Quench the rational, crown the disposable An invisible divide - coexistance, scorn The human condition Man's ruinous presence Leaves nothing in its wake Neatly molded and packaged In the ashes idols are born Nothing as frightening, nothing as tragic Nothing as rancid, as undivine None as heinous and ugly As the evolution of our kind Vultures encircle, the sickness ingrained Material throne, flavor of day A new generation in place of the fallen With the same dismal outcomes Nothing as frightening, nothing as tragic Nothing as rancid, as undivine None as heinous and ugly as our kind
Vaticide 04:08
I will breed apostasy in the hearts of all your kind Turn your children into mine and burn away the blind I will crush your covenant, the five pillars will break Bastard sons of Abraham, your lives are mine to take Die! Your words are nothing but delusions of a Jewish slave Leading your society into a zealous grave Rotting there inside your cave, you heed the angel's lies Kneeling, you'll witness the creator rape your mind This is total vaticide First-degree prophet murder
At the base of the mad god’s throne Wrapped in human skin Lies the book of exalted names Where the path to chaos begins To the tunes of the broken flute Of him who cannot be named Sign your true name in blood In the book of the dead The hymn of the blind demon sultan Sustains the twelve dancing gods Abominations of the zodiac orbits Nucleus of chaos, the axis of stars If Azathoth rises from madness All gods and worlds are erased As each of the dancing horrors With each step destroys and creates The Great Law of the Dead Ia The old ones were Ia The old ones are Ia The old ones shall be In the name of Yig, I open the north gate In the name of Shub-Niggurath, I open the east gate In the name of Cthulhu, I open the south gate In the name of Dagon, I open the west gate In the name of Yog-Sothoth, I open the upper gate In the name of Nyarlathotep, I open the lower gate In the name of Azathoth, I open the true gate On my quest for the black throne Before the triple throne of chaos I inscribe my name into the law Sworn to the works of the old ones The Necronomicon rules us all Hail to the great old ones Who were, who are and shall be Hail to the great old ones By the law of the dead's decree


All tracks written, performed and recorded by Desolator

Drums recorded at Wing Studios, engineered by Sverker Widgren
Guitars, bass and vocals recorded by Desolator
Mixed and mastered by Jari Lindholm

Cover art by Alex Tartsus
Logo by Johan Nilsson


"Of Lovecraftian horror, turbulent seas, and terrifying beings, Sermon of Apathy is 40 minutes of some of the best death metal that you can find. If you get any death metal albums this year, let Sermon of Apathy be at the top of your list!" [5/5]
- Nordic Metal

"This is a prime example of a band boldly going against genre convention and standing out as superior to their peers because of it, and it deserves a place in the collection of any fan of esoteric Death Metal." [4.25/5]
- The Metal Crypt

"Sermon of Apathy is not only a strong release from this Swedish death metal crew, but one of the stand out death metal albums of 2020."
- Metal Injection


released September 4, 2020

Joakim Rudemyr - Guitars, Vocals
Jonas Bergkvist - Bass, Vocals
Stefan Nordström - Guitars, Vocals
Victor Parri - Drums

Karl Sanders (Nile) - Guitar solo on "The Great Law of the Dead"
Oliver Palmquist (Phidion) - Additional vocals on "The Great Law of the Dead"


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Desolator Stockholm, Sweden

Swedish old school death metal band formed in 2009. Main influences: Immolation, Dismember, Bloodbath, Vader, Blood Red Throne, The Crown.

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