Spawn of Misanthropy

by Desolator

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All tracks written, performed and recorded by Desolator

Drums recorded at One Path Studio
Guitars, bass and vocals recorded at Forlorn Halls Studio
Mixed and mastered by Teddy Möller

Cover art by Luciferium War Graphics
Logo by Johan Nilsson


released February 26, 2016

Joakim Rudemyr - Guitars, Vocals
Jonas Bergkvist - Bass, Vocals (additional)
Stefan Nordström - Guitars, Vocals
Victor Parri - Drums

Teddy Möller - Guitar solo on "Illusions of Grandeur", backing vocals



all rights reserved


Desolator Stockholm, Sweden

Swedish old school death metal band formed in 2009. Main influences: Immolation, Dismember, Bloodbath, Vader, Blood Red Throne, The Crown.

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Track Name: Illusions of Grandeur
Surveilling from ivory tower or confined to the gutter
A radiant spectacle for the blind to see
The glowing charm of ephemeral games

Constructions for the feebleminded
cannot halt the decay of years
Fodder for a dying earth
Illusions of grandeur

Imprisoned, we remain
In earthly shell, organic ruin

Higher and higher in a hierarchy of fools
A race towards extinction
A verminous race, a pathetic lifeform
Hideous creation
Track Name: The Faceless God
Ia, alla xul, uggae kanpa
Ia, alla xul, uggae kanpa

The faceless wanderer, the evil gemini
The world usurper, the source of chaos
The guide in darkness, the black herald
The dark master of the necronomicon

Feeding on your fear, reaching out his hand
Feel the touch of death, the ancient doom of man
Your body will crumble to flakes of black dust
Older than creation, a horror without face
Cleanse the earth of life, kill the human race

Thrice invoked upon his throne
Cloaked in shadow, lord of chaos
Chaos that crawl, myriad-formed
Eater of souls, messenger of death

From the abyss, from the depths
Open the gates, lord of death

Ia, Nyarlathotep Nyarlathotep
Ia, Nyarlathotep Nyarlathotep
Track Name: Sectarian Breed
Empires form from sand and gravel
Reaching towering heights
A pyramid scheme of fathomless extent
The weakest call to arms

With ease indoctrinated
Choose your colors and march
Allow the drum to echo
Surrender to its infectious pace

Tyranny, enslavement
The ways of our wretched world
Strive forward with eyes shut
But your word is not your own

We are the suffering, we are the death
The endless waste of flesh and blood
We are disorder, we are the decadence
The endless tragedy, the symptoms of mankind

Multiply the defect, generate and procreate
Populate and organize, degenerate to verminous state

Sectarian breed, this perpetual machinery
Sectarian breed, the ethereal design
We are infected, the earth's brooding cancer
We are but mortal men dwelling in the suffering we create
Track Name: Dark Epitaph
I know only war, never peace or mercy
Death conquers all, no life in the trenches
Ruins of the world, dark epitaph

Strike across the front line
A storm of death and steel
No quarter will be given
None asked, none received

Multi barreled cannons tearing tanks and flesh apart
What the cannons doesn't finish will be snuffed out by the gas

Conflict beyond control, the final solution at hand
Warheads are deployed, death of mankind